There is hidden magic in a shoe. We wear them all our lives, even some fairy tales are devoted to them. They play a vital role in the quality of our lifestyle.

The method conduct was a deconstruction, not only of a shoe but also of the way of thinking about the shoe.

The projects combine the world of industrial design with the world of apparel design, art with craft, tradition with modernity – through the form of shoes but also in the used fabrics, like leather and plastics. they are a combination of traditional shoemaker’s methods with new technologies like 3D scan, 3D printing, CNC milling. Shoes cast from the material developed especially for this purpose are the results of collaboration with a chemist.

The essence of this project is form – with reference to shape, material and emotions. I was inspired by Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi which is based on seeking beauty in imperfection. In this collection the shoes are regarded as sculptures which also serve in practical usage.





design talent – zlin design week, zlin, czech republic

step by step, cracow, poland

aavid art and engineering exhibition, shenzhen, china

arena design 2015, poznan, poland



aavid art and engineering exhibition, bologna, italy

make me! – lodz design, lodz, poland

aavid art and engineering exhibition, new hampshire, usa

The Best diploma of Academy of Fine Art – The palace of fine arts, cracow, poland